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Youth tourism in Saint-Petersburg!!!

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Saint-Petersburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hundreds of tourists come from many countries to see remarkable architectural and sculptural sights, walk on the streets of north capital of Russia and enjoy historical attractions.

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The city on the Neva River is very versatile. You can live your whole life here and still don’t know everything about it. Consider someone who came here the first time: Hermitage, Kazanskiy cathedral, Spas-na-Krovi, Russian museum, Petropavlovskaya fortress, Avrora – this is probably the only place of interest that are known to a man, who has never been in Saint-Petersburg.

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Some icon You don’t need us to see and enjoy those places. However what can be more interesting than an opportunity to experience the view the city inside? To visit the fascinating nooks that even local people are not aware of, to have a dinner on a roof with a view of Petropavlovskaya fortress, to swim on the boat with a little jazz music, go for a drink in bars that are not mapped on your guide-book or to enjoy some tasty doughnuts and look at “doughnut cat”. All this and more is available and accompanied with our friendly guides.

That’s the universal idea of our company.

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Some icon Excursions and services that are offered by us are less serious and more flexible.

The main purpose is to introduce you to informal Saint-Petersburg, rather than lecture you about the standard city history.

We introduce you the city that you have never seen before.

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